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Welcome to Goodkind Nutrition where our mission is to guide YOU towards creating a better relationship with food and body through a collaborative non-diet approach.

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How can we help you?

Whether you want to explore becoming more of an Intuitive Eater, find the joy in movement and exercise, reignite your energy levels, reduce your stress around eating or find alternative ways to help manage your chronic health condition, we offer individualized virtual nutrition counseling with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist tailored to your specific needs.
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So…what exactly is a non-diet approach?

A non-diet approach focuses on hunger and fullness cues and incorporates nutrition in a gentle and flexible way. It does not focus on weight loss or strict meal plans. Answer these questions below to see if this sounds like an approach for you:

Do you want to regain control and rebuild trust in yourself to rely on internal cues and find pleasure in food again?
Are you interested in learning more about mindful eating practices rooted in nourishment, not deprivation?
Are you ready to break free from diets, points, and programs that may work temporarily but leave you feeling defeated, stressed, and frustrated?
Do you desire to restore worthiness and treat your body with kindness and compassion?
Do you want to learn more about ways to practice intuitive eating to be your best self and role model to loved ones?
Are you ready to finally find peace that all foods fit without feeling guilty or out of control?
Are you interested in exploring ways to make exercise joyful, fun, and fitting to your lifestyle?
Are you desiring to work with a provider without feeling shame and guilt?
If you answered YES to any of these above questions,
we are here to help!

We provide the following services:
Nutrition Therapy

Are you in recovery from an eating disorder? Would you like support in managing a chronic health condition like heart disease or diabetes that doesn’t involve another “plan”? Let us help you with a weight-neutral approach that doesn’t revolve around one…more…diet.

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Intuitive Eating

Are you feeling like a failure with dieting or have lost weight only to gain it back again? Are you desiring to feel good in your own body again? The longest relationship we have is with yourself, so let’s treat it right! Intuitive eating will help provide those building blocks for restoring faith in yourself to eat with confidence and move with joy.

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Family-based Nutrition

Are you nervous about feeding your littles (or bigs!) the “right” or “wrong” way? Or in a rut on what to serve your family at mealtime without arguments? Let us help build you up to be the best role model for your family and confident at the dinner table. (Spoiler alert: there is no right or wrong way!)

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