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I’m Natalie (she/her/hers) a dietitian, ex-dieter, and busy mama of two littles who loves ALL things food. As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, I am passionate about helping others turn off the noise of diet culture and tune in to the joy of eating again.

My background

Like many dietitians, I was trained to think nutrition was all about specific diets and “good” versus “bad” foods. For most of my life I believed what I was taught about weight being a key indicator of 'good' health. The more I believed in this traditional methodology, the more I engaged in fad diets, an obsession with macros, and stepping on the scale. With 10+ years of experience, I quickly saw firsthand this lifestyle and this 'way' didn't work - for myself, for my family, for my clients, for anyone.

We are more than the numbers on our medical charts - our health should not be dictated by our weight, BMI, or ability to memorize calories counts and count macros. We are people from different backgrounds, belief systems, and unique genetic blueprints. We are people who want to succeed and not stress at the dinner table.

Even with “diet” in my title, I’m a little embarrassed to tell you that research has shown that 90-95% of diets fail - yikes! I’m here to tell you – you are not the failure, but it is following these 'plans' with unachievable promises that are failing us.

So why goodkind?

The namesake, “goodkind” stems from just that very concept. We need more nutrition and health information that is good for us in the long run, that focuses on what we do, feel, and think internally, not the noise of the external environment. Life is a marathon, not a sprint, and the same applies to your eating patterns.
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